AoA flyer 2016

I am writing this on 20th March, which is apparently the first day of Spring. Must be the vernal equinox tonight, as opposed to the first day of meteorological Spring which was March 1st. Whichever is the “proper” day the evenings are getting lighter, the daffodils are out and much like Spring lambs gambolling in the fields our cast for the Arkle Spring show are busy in rehearsals. That’s a picture I’ll leave you with….

The show is Age of Arousal by Linda Griffiths. It’s on in the last week of April, and as ever we have a brilliant flyer from Chris Close which you can download as a Jpeg by clicking on the image above, or as a PDF by following this link Age of Arousal Flyer v2.

Whichever you do, remember to book tickets for the show. You can contact Michael through all the usual channels, or by the form on the website.


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