Hot in the city…

I’m typing this leaving London on a hot June day – that’s a nice sentence to type! – as it seems summer is finally here at least for the south of the UK. Of course this means that Edinburgh will be slowly swelling towards bursting point as the tourists head north, culminating in the madness that is August and the Fringe.


We have two delights for you this year. The first, The Fair Intellectual Club, written by Lucy Porter gives an insight into a secret club set up in the 18th century by girls who wished to be more than just pretty things to be married off at the earliest opportunity by their fathers. They wanted to learn, debate and generally be treated as the equals (at least) of their male peers. Directed by Yours Truly, I’ve got a great cast and a superb script licensed direct from Lucy Porter herself. Click Fair Intellectual Flyer for the PDF version to send to your friends.

Our second show is Outside Mullingar, by John Patrick Shanley, directed by Carole Hardie. We are back in Ireland, but the tale is slightly darker and in a more rural than our production of Da in March. Click Mullingar flyer for the PDF version to download.

We think we have a couple of superb shows for you this year, and we hope you will too. Of course, you have to come and see them first! We are at the usual venue, The Royal Scots Club on Abercromby Place, so ideal for a short stroll to or from the fleshpots of George Street. Of course, you can also join us in the bar – see you after the show!

In the depths of winter

Long time no speak! We are now in the depths of winter, although thankfully a month after the solstice so the days are a little longer. Unfortunately the weather won’t take the hint for another month or two, so this afternoon is grey, overcast and about 3 degrees. No wind though, so lacking that extra edge that transforms a bit of a dreich day into a truly horrible one.

Da, by Hugh Leonard – Image Copyright Chris Close 2017

On such a day I know your thoughts turn naturally to Spring and the warmer days to come, assuming you can raise them above crawling back under the duvet until Monday morning. We are busy preparing the latest entertainment for you to look forward to in the days around the equinox. The extremely talented John Lally is once again directing for us, and he has chosen “Da”, by Hugh Leonard. Set in Ireland, we meet Charlie on the evening after his dad’s funeral clearing out the old house. Da is however very much alive in his memories, and we soon start to learn more about what made Charlie who he is today.

There’s a rich vein of humour running through this gloriously Irish play, and Charlie soon learns that you don’t end your relationship with someone just because they are dead.

Please help us to get word out about the show. John is updating our Facebook page throughout rehearsals, and you can use either the image above or the PDF version (Da flyer January 2017) to encourage your chums to come. Oh yes, please buy your tickets as well! As the flyer says we are performing in Galahsiels on 9th and 10th March, and at The Roxy in Edinburgh from 15th March to 18th March. All performances start at 7.30 pm. See you there!


Mustn’t forget Phil…

I’m mortified (again). You know how you have those “I mustn’t forget, I mustn’t forget, I mustn’t forget…” times, when you then completely forget what it was you shouldn’t forget? Well, when I was composing the deathless prose for my post with the flyers yesterday, I did.

With huge apologies to our stalwart Mr Barnes, Phil is presenting My Dog’s Got No Nose, by Ron Aldridge, at The Royal Scots Club in week 3 at 4 pm from Tuesday 23rd to Saturday 27th August.

2016MYDOGSG_A9My Dog’s Got No Nose takes us on a journey through the events surrounding a stand-up comedian’s first ever performance. Before picking up his microphone and venturing into the limelight, he regales stories and tales about his life and experiences. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes poignant and often laugh-out-loud hilarious, he shares his soul reminiscing about his early career as a furniture-salesman-turned-photographer, love, marriage, and ambitions.

His debut is the fulfilment of a lifelong dream where stand-up comedy, unrequited love, animal lovers, facts of life and sibling rivalries are just some of the elements covered in this very funny and bittersweet story, as we discover that both the man and the performance are not quite what they seem.

Do come along and find out how his dog (and probably the rest of him too) smells.

Let’s do the show right here!

How time flies! The start of July was just yesterday, and the start of August is (as my daughter would say), like, literally tomorrow! That means that the Arkle Fringe shows open in 2 weeks at the Royal Scots Club on Abercromby Place, and I haven’t published the flyers yet. Time to remedy that!

BlackComedyFlyer resizeThe CollectorFlyer resize

We look forward to welcoming you to them. Tickets are available though the usual routes – use the contact form here , email or phone Michael, or book via the Fringe website.

PDF versions of the flyers can be downloaded using the links below, if you want to email them to friends to publicize the shows:


The CollectorFlyer






Spring is springing!

AoA flyer 2016

I am writing this on 20th March, which is apparently the first day of Spring. Must be the vernal equinox tonight, as opposed to the first day of meteorological Spring which was March 1st. Whichever is the “proper” day the evenings are getting lighter, the daffodils are out and much like Spring lambs gambolling in the fields our cast for the Arkle Spring show are busy in rehearsals. That’s a picture I’ll leave you with….

The show is Age of Arousal by Linda Griffiths. It’s on in the last week of April, and as ever we have a brilliant flyer from Chris Close which you can download as a Jpeg by clicking on the image above, or as a PDF by following this link Age of Arousal Flyer v2.

Whichever you do, remember to book tickets for the show. You can contact Michael through all the usual channels, or by the form on the website.


Way ahead of you…

Well, remarkably I seem to be putting up the Fringe 2015 flyers before anyone has asked for them! Of course, it is always possible that I just haven’t been around to hear the demands, but here they are in all their glory as created by Chris Close. Now you can download them as PDFs using the links next to each to send to all your friends so they have no excuse for not giving you their ticket orders!

See you at the shows!


Much Ado Flyer small

Much Ado Flyer PDF download








Bakersfield Mist Flyer smallBakersfield Mist Flyer PDF download

Nights are fair drawing in

We are just past the summer solstice which only means one thing in the Arkle diary – Fringe rehearsals started last night at Wardie Church. We have a great cast for both shows and they are already hard at work to the extent that my spies tell me one cast member has already learned his first 30 pages. Now that’s keen!

He is clearly as excited as we are to be staging the shows. I don’t have flyers yet but will post them when they are published. In the meantime we are taking bookings for both shows via the usual channels already (and can accept credit & debit cards).

The shows are at the usual venue, the Royal Scots Club on Abercromby Place, and run from Monday 17th to Saturday 22nd August. Much Ado About Nothing will be on at 6.15 pm with a 90 minute running time and Bakersfield Mist will be performed at 8.30 pm, also with a 90 minute run time.

The Fringe website is now open at, the 400+ page brochure is out and you have no excuse not to be planning what you will go and see. Make sure you book your tickets early for our shows as they usually sell out particularly for the Thursday to Saturday performances, and bring your friends!

See you at rehearsals.


No rest for the wicked

…and we have clearly been very bad! Having barely recovered from moving out Under The Blue Sky on Saturday evening (and a huge thanks to all the cast, crew and not least John Lally for bringing it all together) we are straight into Fringe auditions.

The main session takes place tonight, Wednesday 29th April at Stockbridge Church on Saxe Coburg Street. Unless you have been living under a rock (and personally I like the damp) then you may have heard that the shows are going to be Much Ado About Nothing, directed by Danielle Farrow, and Bakersfield Mist by Stephen Sachs, directed by Kara Johnston. Scripts will be available there.

If you want to read but can’t make this evening please get in touch via the Contact Us page or your usual route and we’ll see what we can do.

See you there!


50 and 50 and 50

Quick newsflash! Under the Blue Sky selling out fast!

Not only is Under The Blue Sky our 50th show (and how on earth did that happen?) but by there is a certain symmetry in there only being 50 seats available at the Hill Street Theatre for our performances which start tomorrow, Wednesday 21st April. Also there are fewer than 50 seats left as we have already sold out Friday and Saturday performances.

If you want to come and see another great Arkle show then

1) we have made the choice easier – it’s tomorrow or Thursday, and

2) Get in touch to reserve your ticket as soon as possible

See you there!


60 shades of grey

I know, hard to believe that Michael is now 60, and if Arkle was a child it would be heading off to University to stretch its wings and learn about life in the outside world. We would have had adolescent strops, monosyllabic responses, mood swings, wearing wildly inappropriate clothing and rescuing it from late night escapades which took on a life of their own. Actually when I read that list it sounds like some of the shows we’ve put on over the years (and that’s just me…)!

Under the Blue Sky flyerOur first show of 2015, Under the Blue Sky by David Eldridge, directed by John Lally, isn’t about childish behaviour but about 3 couples who happen to be teachers. Their paths don’t cross on stage but definitely do off to weave a satisfying story.

We have 6 talented actors, a great venue in the Hill Street Theatre and our usual stalwart technical team. It’s on from Wednesday 22nd April to Saturday 25th April at 7.30 pm. We now need an audience, which is of course where you come in. Tickets are available as usual either by contacting us via this link, from the phone number on the flyer or emailing Michael direct.

All help gratefully received with move-in and move-out, as well of course. Feel free to download the flyer (Under the Blue Sky PDF flyer) and bring along your friends.